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Frédéric Béchir

Guide-conférencier indépendant

I have been a guide since 2005. I do this job because I have a passion for history, art, but also people, travel, wine, gastronomy and good mood! I like to do things seriously without taking myself seriously. After studying history, and in particular a Master's degree on the theme of midwives in Bordeaux in the XVIII ° s., I became a teacher for 4 years. I decided to flee the National Education and return to my hometown to become a guide. To my delight!

Holder of the Aquitaine regional guide card since 2005, then the guide card of the City of Art and History of Bordeaux since 2011, I propose classic and thematic tours of Bordeaux, adapted to all audiences.

I followed the trainings of the Bordeaux Wine School in 2007, and have been a trainer there since then. I therefore accompany many groups in Bordeaux vineyards (Saint-Emilion, Médoc...).

I also offer lectures on history and art history, and courses in general culture (students and seniors).

I also do research (including genealogical research) in archives.

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